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Monday, 8 August 2011

Clay Set

Clay Set


 1.) 2 box of multi uses boxes as picture shown.
2.) 13 pieces of each block of 50gram polymer clay.
3.) 50pieces of mini cap hpone  straps.
4.) 20pieces of keychain.
5.) 100pieces of double jumpring.
6.) 100 pieces eyepin.
7.) 100 pieces of earing hoot.
8.) 100 pieces of eyescrew.
9.) 200pieces of rainbow beads (Blue)
10.) 200pieces of rainbow beads (pink)
11.) 200pieces of rainbow beads ( green)
12.) 200pieces of rainbow beads ( purple).
13.) Small Beads with pink colors - 200pieces.
14.)Small beads with black colors - 200pieces.  


1.) 5 colors string (black, white, pink, blue and light green) as picture shown x each 2 meter long.
2.)35 colors bar of polymer clay with each block 50gram. ( as picture shown).
3.) Wooden alphabet beads from a to z all ahphabet with each alphabet 100pcs per pack, so total is 26packs of alphabet beads x100pieces. 

Key Chain

Key Chain
RM 0.40 / pc

Gloss Varnish

Gloss Varnish

RM 25.00 For 100ml

Hot Glue Gam

Hot Glue Gam

1 Set RM 24.00


Canes Made With Polymer Clay 

RM 0. 60 / pc


Shape Cutter


RM 18 For 1 Set
12 pc in 1 Set 

Bracelet Strings

Bracelet Strings
RM 4.00 / meter